2.3 The input center


The input center defines the Z Vector camera’s center of rotation when the input mixer is set to show only one input. If the input mixer is anywhere but the very ends of the controller (-100/100), the resulting input center will be a mix between the locations of each input center.

In layered and side-by-side input modes, you can move the input center freely by clicking the input preview with the left mouse button. Doing so will place the input center at the depth of the pixel directly under the mouse at the time of the left click. You can reset the input center by right-clicking the input preview.

Important: The input center is a global setting that is never saved.

Pro tip: By alt-clicking a person the input center is locked to the center line of that person at the approximate height of the click. When the center is locked to a person you can move the center up and down with the mouse wheel (or by using two-fingers on the MacOS touchpad) while the mouse cursor is over the input preview. You can reset the selections by shift-right-clicking the input preview.

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