4.0 Intermediate: Key maps, MIDI, OSC and meta controllers


Welcome to the first instalment of the Intermediate tutorials series. In this series we will be talking about advanced controlling methods for Z Vector: using key maps, MIDI and OSC as well as creating custom meta controllers inside the software.

In order to be able to finish all tutorials in this series, you will need an external MIDI controller that can be connected to your PC (such as the USB equipped Korg nanoKontrol 2 that is used in the example in 4.2) and an installation of Processing 3 (for running example OSC code provided in 4.4).

Before we move on, just as with all the tutorials, make sure that you have something happening in input one (1) – whether it be a live sensor or a playback of the .rgbd clips that come with the software. Also make sure you’re initially dealing with pretty basic visual settings in your profile.

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