4.1 Assigning key maps


The keyboard is a natural way to interact with any software – including Z Vector. Currently Z Vector does not come with any default key maps, but it is extremely easy for you to create and use your own mappings.

Open up the mapping menu. If this is your first mapping, you need to create a new one before you can advance. While saving name your mapping as you’d like.

Make sure that you have the controller mapping enabled by having the radio button on. You’re now free to assign the key mappings. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will assign the keys A, S, D and F to the four different shapes (in order: squares, horizontal lines, vertical lines and surface) available under Geometry.

After assigning, close the mapping menu. You should now be able to switch between the four shapes by simply pressing the aforementioned keys on your keyboard. Most of the UI in Z Vector can be mapped in a similar fashion.

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4.0 Intermediate: Key maps, MIDI, OSC and meta controllers