4.5 Meta controls


The eight meta controls available in the Z Vector UI enable you to group and assign some additional rules of behavior to the mappings under that particular controller. Meta controls can be extremely useful for finding “signature” looks and effects that look and act the same regardless of the particular visual style being used at the moment of execution.

For the purposes of this tutorial we’ll be creating a simple meta controller that groups together two sliders: feedback and freeze. Start by opening up the meta mapping menu and activating Meta 1.

Next we’ll pick the controllers we would like to group under the meta control: namely feedback and freeze.

Let’s add some rules that will dictate what happens when the meta controller is moved between minimum and maximum. You can do this by right clicking on a controller that has been assigned in to a meta control slot and editing the options in the menu that opens up. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll choose to limit the minimum for feedback to 20% and the maximum of freeze to 80%.

Pro tip: Through the menu you can also choose to do inversions and toggle mappings. Inversion means that the affected value moves down when the meta controller is moved up, and vice versa.

You’ve now successfully created a simple meta controller in Z Vector. Try moving your Meta 1 slider up and down. You should be seeing immediate results in both your Controls -> Filter section as well as the actual rendered output (depending on your input and other visual settings of course).

Pro tip: Meta controls can be mapped and used (through the keyboard, a MIDI controller or via OSC) just like any other part of the Z Vector UI.

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully concluded the first Intermediate level tutorial series. This tutorial series gave you advanced insight into how to control Z Vector using the keyboard, MIDI and OSC. The second Intermediate level tutorial series covers using Spout and Syphon with Z Vector. It will be released shortly.

4.0 Intermediate: Key maps, MIDI, OSC and meta controllers
4.4 OSC (Open Sound Control)