"Amazibelius", a team #Suchtech installation


“Amazibelius” was an interactive audiovisual experiment built by an independent team of artists at SibHack 2014, a hackathon held 17.-19.10.2014 inside the halls of the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland.

“It is very pleasant to see paintings here. They have big collections. I am more moved by other arts than by the music of others.”, Jean Sibelius in a letter to Aino Sibelius from Munich, 28 July 1894

Inspired by a famous quote by Jean Sibelius, and the Ateneum itself, the team set out to create a concept that encourages exploration and interaction between a space and its occupants. In “Amazibelius”, this was achieved by combining interactive projection mapped graphics with generative sound. The second, undeveloped part of the concept was to consist of a touch interface that would enable an onlooker to take part by “playing the space” from a distance together with the explorers.

The installation was built in one long session employing three PC’s, one Asus Xtion Pro Live sensor and one Full HD projector. PC #1 (with the sensor attached) ran NI mate which gave out accurate positional tracking data of each person that stepped in front of the sensor’s viewpoint. The tracking data was then moved wirelessly to PC #2 (using OSC), which running a custom built Scala application that reformatted the data and send it to a generative MaxMSP patch (running on PC #3) as well as back to PC #1 which ran a custom projection mapping of the interior space created using Millumin.

The team consisted of Tommi Koskinen (sound design), Kosti Rytkönen (development), Hanna Toivonen (graphics) and Julius Tuomisto (projection mapping). Software and technology used included Max for Live, Millumin, Delicode NI mate and Scala.