Armature constaints in blender not working

ive been trying for the past few weeks to get ni mate to work on blender 2.8 and i cant for the life of me get it to work. im going to be specific at list every thing i do in order, plz help.

start ni mate
start blender
delete starting cube and other stuff
create new default armature on blender using riggify
go to ni mate and tun on skeletal tracking with “basic + orientation” selected
back in blender i tell ni mate to create empties and add rotations
i create a new empty ad parent of the the ni mate nulls to it (for better conrol of scale and position)
i go to the pose mode in my armature and use a “copy location” bone constraint and link it to the hip null create by ni mate
i do the same for the hips
i add a “bone constraint” to “copy rotation” from the knee null to corresponding bone on my armature, (i word it like this because it doesn’t really matter what bone i use im just using a knee for example)
once i add the copy rotation constraint the limb goes wacky, and i cant fond the right combination of xyz convert or offset that seems to fix it.
i had some mild success using a parent constraint and only selecting rotation but that begins to break down after i add a second limb

You probably don’t want to use rigify armatures with motion capture data as rigify is designed for working with IK constraints. With mocap data you get absolute data for each joint every frame while IK constraints try to calculate joint position and orientation based on some other joints. When every joint is given absolute data, the IK goes nuts and does not work properly.

The best way to work with mocap (NI mate or in general) is to build a new armature based on your mocap data so that you have 1:1 match between the armature bones and the NI mate OSC data.

how does one go about doing that, also i download blender 2.79 just to test it out on there and the default armature that ni mate comes with wants working either its was translating and the legs were kinda working but that was it?

I exported the default BVH clip from NI mate and loaded it into Blender, then removed the animation to leave only the armature behind. You can download it here:

This is a skeleton that fits to the data from NI mate.

Will this armature works for kinect V1 or V2 ?

That’s the OpenNI2 default clip, so it’s the Kinect 1 hierarchy, not that they differ all that much.