"Augmented Pinocchio" by Michele Cremaschi


Michele tells us how Augmented Pinocchio was created: “I produced a realtime hologram show where all the actors are hologram reproductions of my live acting; and in which all the props are holographic visuals generated in realtime relative to my body position. To generate the silhouette, I first used NI mate’s syphon one feed. In a second step, in order to have better resolution, I wrote a software that calibrates the Kinect with an external camera. This gives me a hires silhouette based on the depth mask syphon stream coming from NI mate.”

“Another point you might find interesting is how I networked the data coming from nimate; OSC runs easily on a network, but I also shared syphon streams thanks to Airparrot + airserver on another mac. This allowed NI mate streams to be used on a secondary computer, splitting the required CPU power (NI mate is nice, but quite CPU hungry) over two Macs.” Watch Michele’s tutorial and go to his blog to download the patch he created for extracting the skeleton data from NI mate in Vuo:

Disclaimer: Michele used NI mate V1.XX for the original Augmented Pinocchio. This post originally appeared on NI-mate.com on February 18th 2014.



some years after, I wish to upgrade the show: I think to use kinect v2 to get a easier to setup shilouette out of the box (actually I need to match kinect v1 ghost with an external hires webcam).

I installed NiMate v2 on a windows box. First question: I see the spout RGB stream, but i can’t figure how to get just the shulouette stream, without background. I remember that Nimate v1 had an option like “keep transparency” or something similar.




Hi, i found the flag to activate to have the desired transparency.
But the RGB image appears masked by the flipped mask - just emailed you - see the image attached here.


In regards to this (just for the sake of the forum, we’ve been communicating via email with Michele), we discovered this bug in the current (V2.11) build of NI mate. It will be fixed for the upcoming V2.12 release.


Fixed! NI mate v2.12 released!