Basic Ni mate and Unity3D- for beginners


Hi, I’m pretty new in using Ni mate. I’m trying to use Ni mate in unity. As I’m following this tutorial I get stuck on the part that try to import the bunny.nimate. I’m using mac. And when I open the Delicode ni mate and try to import bunny.nimate the file is not clickable. Also when I press play in unity the game frame looks blue. as if the webcam is not connected to unity. Is there any step by step tutorial or can someone help me please? I’m just simply want to use Ni mate in unity to track the body movement in space.



The Unity plugin isn’t yet fully ported to NI mate 2. The tutorial you linked is for NI mate 1. The bunny config does not import in NI mate 2 properly for this reason.

The blue issue is part of the missing functionality in the old plugin. One of the few features that require action from our part is to figure out how to get the live feeds working in Unity as they are using an obsolete transfer mechanism.

The OSC data should still arrive in Unity as intended - the bunny config file doesn’t change all that much in NI mate as pretty much all it does is change the bone names on the Skeleton Tracker page, as well as tunes a few of the skeleton coordinate multipliers.

Updating the Unity plugin has been on our TODO for a while now, but we’ve been tangled in a few other issues.


Thank you for the reply. Ok I see your points . So may be if I explain what I’m trying to do exactly you tell me if I can use Ni mate . Basically the idea is when you walk around the physical space you hear designed 3D sound. This whole things works now in unity.( as you walk around in the 3D environment) - so now I need to track the body in the physical space . And based on the live feed backs I ask Unity to do certain things. Is that doable using Ni mate?


Tracking the body in 3D space is simple as NI mate outputs that data via OSC, so that’s trivial. The live feeds are the problem as they don’t work yet. If you can get a Spout / Syphon plugin for Unity you could use those instead of relying on the existing NI mate plugin’s feed. You can enable outputting the live feed via Spout / Syphon in NI mate in the “preferences” -> “Live feeds”. This will require “GPU Texture Transfer” under “General”.