“Basic + Orientation” Glitch in Cinema4D

Dear Friends!
I am currently working on an animated music video - my first project with Nimate / Motion Capture. And actually I get along very intuitively with the entire workflow … but I would now like to improve the quality of the recording. With the “Basic + Orientation” setting, the MoCap looks the most realistic.

However, I have an unsightly glitch of my model. The mesh occasionally distorts and makes the 3d look strange. I know what it is (orientation of the bones), but not why it happens …

As soon as I receive the motion data of the kinect in Cinema4d, their orientation changes randomly. Here is no preset rig or anything - just the native Null-objects of NI mate tracking. (See Video)

I’m working on a Macbook Pro (2018 Touchbar) and Cinema4D R20 (with receiver plug-in), I’m using the first version of the Kinect360. Is it maybe the sensor?

I would be very happy if someone can help me. Thank you in advance and all the best

To me that almost looks like there’s keyframed data for the null objects in your scene, and when NI mate loses a packet and doesn’t have data to send, that old keyframed data is read instead and produces the “jump” to the other data.

Other ideas: Does this happen if you remove your sensor and instead load the example clip in NI mate and transfer that to Cinema? This way you could isolate the problem into being something in either NI mate’s OSC output or the Cinema plugin. You can load the example clip from the “source” button on the sensor page.

Sounds reasonable. Can it be corrected?

That was a good tip! I recorded everything one by one in NI Mate and then I sent it to C4d. It would be good if you could set the start and end points before continue to C4d.

But this way I could still keep working on my project.

To prevent this, you should make sure the objects don’t have any old keyframe data in them before you start recording as that would cause the jumps (if that theory is correct). Otherwise, if you want to fix it in post, I think you would have to just manually fix it frame by frame.