Blender 2.8 RC2 released

Blender released Release Candidate 2 *(3 also) released which is near zero bugs and zero code changes and almost ready for production purposes. Is there team work going in @delicode workplace regarding 2.8 add-on?

Please say yes. I would be very sad if not.

I learned today that Ubisoft will be migrating their pipeline to work exclusively in Blender 3D and Epic Games gave a grant of 1.2 millions to the Blender Foundation. Things are going to get really interesting pretty soon.:upside_down_face:

Blender officially released 2.8. Kudos to all the team 2.8 Official release

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what I found so far is this here:

There might be a solution, haven’t tested as the kinect adapter is still finding its way to my home… Seems like an adapted python script from ni-mate but not sure if it’s still working for the blender 2.8 final release version :blush:

sounds also like the changes to be done are quite small… sad that the ni-mate download button doesn’t say what blender versions are supported.

We’ve started working on updating the plugin. On a quick glance, if you’re in a hurry, Denis Perchenko’s fork appears to mostly work.

A few things will be a bit trickier as the game engine has been removed, but maybe some of the features can be implemented via eevee.

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That’s great @Jesee I am eagerly waiting for this. That sounds great for “features can be implemented”

It’s out!