Blender "performance" mode?



I’ve been following Janne’s old tutorials on using mocap with Blender and Ni-Mate. A quick question, probably very obvious - is there a way of using Blender in a kind of performance mode? I would like to have only my character in it’s environment full screen with no editing windows or any other menus. Is this where the Blender Player is used? I imagined that was just for games, but maybe it works for controlling a character via Ni-Mate?

Thanks in advance…

Edit: I’m also wondering whether it’s possible to have interactions with other objects in Blender? It seems to me the only way is in animation mode, not in real-time motion capture using Ni-Mate.


So I found my answer eventually…I realised I can break away the viewport window and hit Alt F10 for full screen. I then use this on a projector or second monitor.

I’m also looking at the Blender game logic in which I think will solve my next problem.