Bvh export nimate 2.13


i just did a BVH export with v2.13 of the example_clip_k4w when imported to Blender th skeleton looks wrong… i tried doing a capture myself and also looks bad… missing something? thanks…


It turns out that the BVH export for Kinect 2 sensors with the libfreenect2 flag enabled exports some type of quadropedal aliens. We’re assuming you’re not working on aliens, so we’ll be pushing out a hotfix as soon as possible.

Sorry about this!


jajaja… cool thanks! looking forward for the hotfix!

the exported bvh of a motion recording is kinect v2 hierarchy, right?

just let you know that even having the hand OFF in skeleton tracking tab, all the hands bones still exported… is expected behavior?


The exported hierarchy was the Kinect v2 hierarchy when it should have been Kinect v1 hierarchy. In addition, some of the spine orientations were computed incorrectly with the libfreenect2 flag enabled.

The hands are included in the BVH hierarchy with the Microsoft SDK (and in this cause, with libfreenect2 due to the bug) even if they are disabled. This was left in mostly because it didn’t really cause any harm - the hands simply are at rest pose, inheriting the orientation of their parent bone.

We have the fix ready, and hopefully can push out 2.14 on Monday after the testing finishes.


Fixed in NI mate v2.14 released!