Can I use multiple sensors of the same type concurrently?


Using multiple identical sensors is possible, but there are some limitations.

  • Kinect for Windows v2 / Kinect for XBox One do not support multiple sensors as their drivers don’t have this ability. This may be caused by the fact that Kinect for Windows v2 does some processing on the graphics card.
  • Leap Motion does not support multiple concurrent Leaps. This may be possible at some point as the Leap developers have mentioned this as a potential TODO.
  • Kinect for XBox 360, Asus XTion, PrimeSense Carmine and Kinect for Windows v1 support using multiple sensors of the same type.
  • You may experience all kinds of issues when using multiple sensors. These may be alleviated by trying different USB ports for each sensor as sometimes different USB ports are connected to a different USB controller on your motherboard. In general, USB bandwidth is going to be a limitation.

If you intend to run multiple sensors together you may be considering doing some kind of tracking where sensors see your body from multiple directions. Note that most Kinects behave in random ways when they fail to see you from the front or back - a sideways bodyshot will confuse the skeleton tracker, forcing it to make all kinds of approximations that probably will insert invalid data in your recording.

Connecting two sensors
Kinect xbox 360 + kinect xbox one is possible?
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Does the use of two kinect Xbox 360, improves the tracking result? How should I place the sensors to get the best results possible?


The sensors themselves don’t have any kind of interaction with each other, and NI mate doesn’t have any features for doing anything like this.

A big issue with using a single Kinect is that the sensor won’t be able to track the person if the person is turned sideways against the camera. We were tossing around an idea of using two Kinects at 90 degree angle to get some kind of idea about the person’s orientation at any angle, but this was mostly something to consider for the future.


Jesse you said its possible to using multiple sensor of the same type. What do you mean “of the same type”. The same Xbox 360 kinects sensors or tha same xbox 360 model sensors (eg. 1473 model + 1473 model) ? Im trying to use different models of the Xbox 360 sensors (1414 + 1473) and it seems that doesnt work :confused:

To make it work I have only to connect two sensors to computer and make it running ? Or there is some special action to make them work together ?


Unfortunately at the moment Kinect for XBOX model 1473 is not supported by NI mate, which might be the cause of the problems in your case. You can read about this issue here: Why doesn't my Kinect for Xbox 360 work?


Here is a another piece of kinect motion capture and it works well with multiple kinect V1 sensors only for Windows OS. And it’s absolutely free