Can't fetch the OSC Output to Blender (MacOS Sierra) using free version


I install Ni-Mate successfully and start using it as a free version. The software can actually show the video from the Kinect 2.
I followed this tutorial, but I have no luck. The blender shows nothing. I wonder if this a limited feature on the free version?
I used the latest version of Ni-Mate: version=2.1400000000000001
Here is my OSC port: osc_in_port=6999



To get skeleton data in Blender, you must be outputting the skeleton data as OSC. Please check the “Skeleton OSC Enable” box: Documentation: Skeleton tracking

If you go to the Log window and check “OSC”, does the log window display outgoing OSC messages?

Do you also have the NI mate port set to 6999 on either the setup page or the sensor’s skeleton tracker page?