Can't get NI Mate motion to show in C4D

Hi all
I have a MacBook pro running Sierra and C4D r18

I have installed NI Mate 2.14 Free, v2 of the receiver plugin for C4D but can’t for the life of me work out how to get the movement data to display/record in C4D

I have added an OpenNI dummy device. My preview screen shows me in green without any skeleton tracking. There is a message ‘Looking for pose’.
Skeleton tracking is active. OSC format is ‘Basic + Orientation’. Ports are both set to 7000

Do I need to purchase a license to actually do anything of use?

Any suggestion welcome.

Thanking in advance.

“Looking for Pose” is something you will see if you are using a live sensor, not the dummy sensor, and it means the skeleton tracking data can’t be found in the currently seen feed.

If the preview feed only shows green, there’s some OpenGL related issue. Does the Log window display any errors?

Could you show a screenshot?

The free version outputs skeleton data for one sensor at a time. No license is needed unless you have to use two sensors at the same time.

Hi Jesse

Thanks for your quick reply.

I had a play with the ‘Libfreenect2’ settings. Turning off OpenCL, CUDA and OpenGL (leaving CPU) seems to have solved the problem.

Tracking data is now flowing nicely to C4D.

Now to start rigging!

Thank you again.