Controller tracking doesnt seems to work


Hi everyone,

First, thanks for that great tool that is NI mate I just discovered, and thanks to the whole community to be here :star_struck:

I want NI mate to send data to Max MSP trough OSC. Ultimately I will use a 1414 Kinect, but for now I use the fake OpenNI dummy (great feature by the way !).
I can correctly receive skeleton tracking data (but I dont need them) and parse them as I want, but I cannot receive Controller tracking data (the thing I need), and I dont even know if NI mate correctly send them.

As shown in the screenshot below, when Controller tracking on, the only messages I receive are:

  • /NI_mate_sync XXXXX
  • /People X
  • /Users X

but I’m unable to get General and Body data I would like to use. Do you have any idea ?

Here is what I get with Skeleton tracking on:

Detail : all the messages you can see in the Max console are directly received from [udpreceive 7000].
I’m on Windows 10 64bit with NI mate 2.14 and Max 7.3.4 64bit

Thanks !



The dummy sensors only output skeleton data for now as nothing else is saved in the .nirec file. You can get the controller tracker working with a real sensor.



Thanks for your answer ! I’ll test with the kinect ASAP.
I thought that Controller data where calculated from the Skeleton data.

What if I do a record by my own with my kinect ? Will the controller data be saved ? Or nirec files are only for skeleton data ?


Unfortunately no, the .nirec format will only store the skeleton data. This is due to the controller tracker data being worked out from the depth feed and we don’t store the feeds in these files.


Hi all,

Hopefully I’m posting in the relevant discussion here, but I also have a similar question related to sending OSC data to Max/MSP. I’m trying to route OSC skeletal data from NI mate into Max using one of the pre-built Kinect-Via-NImate patches. Data is def. printing to the console in Max from NImate when I open the patch (and Im able to see the xyz coordinates there), but I am not getting any data for my various XYZ values within the patch itself. I feel like it has something to do with OSC messages labeled differently from NImate to the MAX patch. If anyone has any experience with using the Kinect-via-NImate patch by JP Bellona and has successfully gotten OSC messages into Max this way, please let me know!