Convert between fixed and floating Ni Mate Pro license?


Is it possible to convert between fixed and floating Ni Mate Pro license?

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To do this, you will have to deactivate the license, then activate it again, choosing a different type of activation. The license itself cannot be converted on the fly, but needs to be modified at activation time.


OK thank you for your response


My activation page indicates “NOT YET ACTIVATED”, but my software opens as a licensed version. Do I need to wait some time before the web profile recognises the activation?


If I recall correctly, the shop might not list live activations as being in use considering they are semi-deactivated every time NI mate closes. This makes it a bit difficult to decide is a license should be shown as being in use or not.


Is there a way to deactivate a fixed license, so it can be transferred to another machine?


Please use the normal deactivation in NI mate by going in the Help -> Manage License menu and then release the license there.


Thanks for your advice