Crashes with Kinect 1 / Kinect 2


Hi, I’m new here and I came right from a youtube tutorial introducing NI mate used with the Kinect.

But unfortunately unlike the tutorial, I have constant problems with NI mate. Since I wasn’t able to find anyway to post a new topic or post to a topic with similar issue, I’ve decided to post it here.

The camera device I’ve tested included the Kinect v1 for windows and Kinect v2 for windows in different mixed cases (both kinect, only one kinect, etc.) with their respective sdk shown working (depth sensor/ skeleton sensor working) before installing NI mate.

Version 2.14 crashes on all windows 8+ machines I have (bluescreen loop on restart on some) with a range of Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver to Intel/Nvidia driver. I even tested on a VM with the following crash [Crash location 7C20259A, Crash ID cc8b7ab9-1a9504fa9-830b-fb2d8a5eedb1, NI mate 2.14 (r87efef2)].

To reproduce the crash, get a fresh installed windows (no random windows patches) and simply install NI mate 2.14 with all the defaults, click yes/ok to all windows and open NI mate. Soon after the NI mate started to fade to the background the crash reporter will popup, where the task manager show no NI mate program, and the tray icon won’t stay either.

Version 2.12, on the other hand, opens with no crash on all windows 8+ machines I have, but it shows that it cannot detect inputs for Kinect v2 (it says something like cannot draw depth) and failed to detect sensor for Kinect v1 (It shows as OpenNI2).

I’m at a lost here after using a weekend trying to get NI mate working, is there a specific requirement to get NI mate working? Or did I missed something important that everyone else here did before installing?

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Could you submit a crash report? However, if you see the blue screen fade away before the crash, then it’s a good guess this is caused by GPU texture transfer.

  • Unplug the sensor
  • Start NI mate
  • Go in Preferences -> General
  • Disable GPU Texture Transfer -> Apply
  • Connect the sensor
  • Restart NI mate


Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate it. When I get the chance I’ll submit a crash report.

But regarding the GPU texture transfer, I can’t say it is related by I will try it later. This is because I’ve already tested it inside a VM to see if NI mate 2.14 would crash regardless of my actual hardware / software configuration (it did on 2.14, it didn’t on 2.12). The VM by default doesn’t have any graphic card feature with the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver.

Since I did said that version 2.12 opens with no crash except with the message ‘cannot draw depth’, it might be the easier way to get NI mate work. Would you happen to know what that meant (not the context but the error message) and any potential changes I could do to fix it?

To reproduce this issue, I first install the newest kinect sdk 2.0 and then connect Kinect v2 to verify everything is working. Then I check all the Kinect driver boxes in NI mate 2.12 and install it, letting it download all the drivers. I skipped the kinect runtime 2 installation since the kinect sdk 2.0 said it has installed it already. After installation and opening NI mate 2.12 with all the default settings, the Kinect v2 will be detected and started, but NI mate 2.12 would be unable to display Kinect v2 camera with a message ‘cannot draw depth’.

I hope this is enough information for you to give me some insight on this issue. and many thanks in advance for helping a new user like me this far. Much appreciated.

I tried sending a crash report for NI mate 2.14 and got Problem report error (136-OZSUU0) Problem report error09. I tried a few times and got different error ids (136-OZSUXI) / (136-OZSUY9) / (136-OZSUZ0).

First crash detail ver 2.14 (r87ef8f2) Crash location FFFFFFFFC4FA259A, Crash ID 85a5e7a7-b4a7-4bf8-8f95-2fede27ee1e8.

Repeating the procedure generates a crash at different location and different id. Crash location FFFFFFFFC652259A, id e9ee96dd-8ab8-4089-878a-57206352ca96. Crash location FFFFFFFFB799259A, id 2f27c6f0-7ada-4d60-9018-5a0569e6b8b7. Now, I really do feel anything that can make NI mate 2.12 works would be to be a lot easier.


I believe that error is when no email is used when submitting the crash report. However, I can see some crash reports that were submitted, although I can’t be sure it’s from you since there’s no email. They seem to say the crash happens when Windows is loading the Qt graphics libraries. We’ve seen this crash on some systems, and in some cases updating the GPU drivers fixed the problem. The “can’t draw depth” error also hints the origin of these issues could be some missing GPU functionality.

For NI mate 2.12, you’d get more information in the Log window in NI mate, although I’m guessing it will simply tell you, over and over again, that the sensor program cannot create OpenGL / DirectX Interop (the GPU Texture Transfer thing).


The “can’t draw depth” error also hints the origin of these issues could be some missing GPU functionality.

Alright, I’ll put my bet on it being a graphic card driver issue (maybe it’s the duo intel/ nvidia driver problem) and start looking around for newer graphic card driver. I’ll get back when I get any news (good/bad).

For NI mate 2.12, I didn’t get logs with cannot create OpenGL / DirectX Interop. That’s why I had a hard time knowing what could have been missing. Hopefully whatever I get next will be the solution to the problem.


Ok I got very good news. I finally got NI mate working.

I tested both Kinect v1 and Kinect v2, they both separately work. It seems that the duo intel/ nvidia machine auto select graphic must have problem selecting the right card for NI mate, causing crashes. Just in case, I also set the default the graphic card as nvidia card for those tests.

So long story short, the problem is NI mate depends on the graphic card and duo graphic card can be problematic. VM and the likes by default also won’t work as it doesn’t have a real graphic card.

Thanks for helping me this far. I really appreciate it.