Delicode NI mate Tutorials: Using Existing Blender Rigs

Uploaded on Feb 26, 2012
This tutorial by Janne Karhu explains how you can use an existing Blender character rig with NI mate. To download NI mate visit the product web pages at

EDIT: The old files are now available at:

They are not yet updated, but the core ideas should be the same.

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Is there a place to find the old Mocap blend files?

Ye, but this is an old tutorial, with mocap rig, which doesn’t work :frowning:

The old files are now available at:

They are not yet updated, but the core ideas should be the same.

The downloaded files are 8kb only, and after inspection they are just an html file!

They should be fixed now. For some reason the download links had been redirected to a non-existant URL. Apologies for this taking so long.

Does anyone have a human rig (Blender) set up for ni Mate 2.07?

I updated the mocap file to work with the latest release:


I’ve been trying to control some armatures in BGE without rigify. In the viewport everything works great but when i hit p armatures just stop responding. Game logic is there, empties still move and the feed planes also work but rigs don’t. It’s blender 2.71 and nimate 2.10 now. Is it still all under development or am i missing something ?

Probably the wrong place to write this, apologies if so.

Could you include your .blend file and we’ll take a look at the problem?

Thank you for the quick reply Jesse, here are the files, wetransfer link

The iron-mate file is a basic setup for ironman, in which i use simple ik bones for the arms rather than rotation. If i can get it to work in BGE i’ll start adding trigger animations like laser beams etc.

The second one is the file arenyart shared (thank you arenyart). I put a simple tube rig to test if it worked there too but it didn’t.

Blender Game Engine does not update armatures in its update loop by default. To get them to update you need to add an Always sensor with “Activate TRUE level triggering” enabled (the ''' icon), an armature actuator, then connect the always sensor to the actuator. Do this for every armature (in Object mode) and the rigs should start moving in BGE.

Also thanks for Arenyard! I hadn’t noticed the url earlier, but that’s some good work on the rig.

hi. Where do i find the big bunny config and where do i import it in n i mate? I followed all the steps up until this and everythings working camera and n i mate wise but when i try to get it working in blender nothing happens. The only step i couldnt figure out was the big bunny step and i haven’t done it so im figuring thats why

The bunny config is not available for NI mate 2 yet. If I recall correctly the only things the bunny config changes are the skeleton tracker OSC addresses and the output mode. The OSC addresses can be edited manually by checking the object names in the .blend file - these are the names of the empties that will be created in the 3D scene. The bones and constraints need to be mapped to use these empties. The skeleton tracker mode should be “basic + orientation”.

Tutorials are something we definitely want to focus on, but we haven’t had the opportunity to do yet.

Yes, here is
and it works with the latest release

Hi Jesse (et al) - thanks for all of your work on this project, much much much appreciated. I’m using the rig Arenyard provided and have it mapped onto a Make Human model. RE: “Always Sensor -> Armature” for the BGE- when you say ‘do this for every armature,’ do you mean apply this logic block to the capture armature or the model armature or both? I assume the capture armature? I’ve tried all the combinations but can’t get the rig to respond in play mode using BGE.

I can get the Ni Mate ‘spheres’ demo going with BGE (applying’ create game logic’ to one of the spheres (doesn’t seem to matter which one) from the Ni mate Game Engine menu seems to do the trick) and can get the Make Human rig to work with Ni Mate Receiver but as soon as I go into ‘play’ mode, the rig seems to stop responding. I applied ‘create game logic’ to one of the control empties (the right foot) from the Ni mate Game Engine menu like I did with with the spheres demo. And I applied the ‘always sensor’ to the control armature.

I’ve attached a link to the blender file I’m working with. I’m still getting a 180 rotation of the Z for thigh and shin bones that I can’t account for (not a bone roll issue)- any insights from the community on that also greatly appreciated.

I took a look at the .blend file. The main armature (labeled “capture armature”) which is constrained to the empties works in the game engine. You can test this by attaching a simple mesh to that armature and you should see it moving. The problem is most likely related to the MakeHuman produced forward kinematic rig (labeled “Exports_Blender”). I’m not completely sure if Blender Game Engine supports all the features your rig requires.

My recommendation is to set up a simple scene with a basic armature and see if you can get that working with the BGE. Once that works, begin reproducing the rather complicated rig in your scene bit by bit and see at what point the problems arise.

Great, thank you Jesse. I’ve got time this weekend and will work on this.

Make sure the Blender plugin works without the complicated .blend file from this thread first. Do this by enabling skeleton tracking in NI mate (so the bones appear yellow on the live feed). Choose “cubes” in the Blender plugin, then start. If this works, you can move on to getting the mocap file running. You’ll have to rename the OSC skeleton paths in NI mate according to the .blend file empty names.

Hello Jesse,

I’ve tried your solution on multiple projects, but it seem to not work. I got no error in the console, it’s a bit frustrating.