Delicode NI mate Tutorials: Using Existing Blender Rigs


Have you managed to get a really simple armature working? I’d recommend testing this first, to see if the problem is in driving armatures in the game engine at all or if the issue is related to some rigging complexity.

What kind of rig are you working with?


Yes, simple mode are working like this file
I’ve used this blend file for my project, and renamed old name to new name. For the last step i’ve added a 3d model. Here my file.


I played around a bit with the rig. It appears that the “Capture Armature” (it’s from Rigify?) causes the issues. I removed the capture armature and changed the left hand constraint to be “Track to” with the “Left Hand” empty as the target. This way the rig started reacting in the game engine. My guess is that there’s something that needs to be done in the game engine to make armatures follow constraints to other armatures.


Hi, thanks for the answer, it’s working thank you, but i’m getting some weird result. Sometimes the body parts are twisted, it’s a quite funny, but these movement are impossible for humans. And i an can only see the result in Standanlone Player, the Embedded Player shows me the body in white. Here the file, and sorry for taking so much of your time :slight_smile:


Hi all,
can someone do an update on this to use with Ni Mate 2.13 ?
So called ‘Old files’ are mentionned above such as

I interested in using existing Blender rigs. Is it necessary to resize some bones of the target armature (Capture Armature) if they don’t have the same size of the avatar ?
Thank you


We don’t yet have new .blend files, but the file posted by @arenyart above seemed to work pretty well.

You will need to do some work to re-target the data properly on your armature. In most cases using position data is not that applicable for anything except the root joint of the hierarchy as the armature won’t be matching the person who’s being the target of the mocap. Usually you get better results by only using the orientations of the data.


Let me just say - I’m NOT a Blender artist, I have more of a programming background.
The last 2 years I’ve helped my church’s VBS program by programming and bringing a VBS buddy to life using the v1 NI-Mate plugin. I figured out how to match the character to the OSC data and it was a huge hit.

This year I’ve upgraded to a Kinect2, and I’m just lost. I can not figure out why the character works and accepts the input while in the Blender workspace, but if I try the stand alone player or saving out to a dedicated exe - the character does not respond.

I have read this thread and can’t figure out where the new plugin fits into the picture. I figured adding the game logic to the armature like I’ve done previously should be all that I need. The sample blend made by Guiges does work for me in the player, but I can’t translate what was done there to what I’ve got in this blend sample!Atgy7BmO6_STmtcsLXkI3B2NM9W_aQ Can someone please point me in a direction using the blend I’ve already started? Thanks