Depthmap to Spout?


Hi all!

Is it possible to send the depthmap - pure and undistorted - to spout?

Thanks for any help




First of all, apologies about the extreme delay in responding. We had some trouble assigning tickets during the vacation season.

In Z Vector I don’t recall this being possible. NI mate exposes 5 Spout feeds for each sensor, and one of them is the raw depth image. You can use both NI mate and Z Vector at the same time, using NI mate to access the sensor (and expose the raw feeds over Spout) and then receive the feeds into Z Vector using the NI mate override feature in Z Vector’s preferences. Even the free version of NI mate can be used for this.


Hi Jesse

thanks for the hint!
I tried NImate some times and could fetch the depth to spout stream in other progs
After starting NImate several times, now only the raw depth (green to black “stripes”) is sent to spout
Is that a limitation of the free version?


The sensor program that sends the data from the sensor to NI mate outputs 3 raw feeds with a complicated name ending in _rgb, _ir and _depth. These are the raw feeds which NI mate uses to process the data further. In NI mate, if the Spout / Syphon feeds are enabled, two extra feeds (one with the free license) will also be outputted, labeled something human readable (Delicode NI mate Feed 1 or something like that). This feed will always contain whatever is selected in the sensor’s live feed window in the “Outputs” dropdown menus. For this, see Documentation: User interface, namely the part describing “Sensor pages” with the feeds shown.

Now, raw depth: The red & green stripes is the raw depth encoded in the red and green color channels. This image can be extracted to get all original 65535 depth values (which don’t fit in a single color channel normally). If you want a gray scale image, you can select the “Depth” output in NI mate, on the sensor page. This will output a depth image where the RGB are filled with a grayscale data scaled between [0, 255] using a scaling function.

With the free license the NI mate’s Spout / Syphon feeds will show a watermark after some minutes.


Thanks for the infos!
I restarted the PC and the Kinect several times and now the streams are back again - really don´t know what happened there …
Anyway: Solved! :slight_smile: