DIY Prototype VR Camera using Raspberry Pi:s

Hi all,

So last summer I worked as an intern at Delicode and during my amazing time there Julius, the CEO, got an idea to build an inexpensive VR camera. Unfortunately my internship at Delicode came to an end before I was able to start working on the idea. After starting school again, I realized that we have a project course and that the VR camera was perfect for what had to be done during the course. I put together a small team of people and we started to work on the project. Below are the results that we achieved, it is not 100% complete due to limited time with other courses in school. Our plan is to continue working on the project, trying to increase performance and usability.

Our Github with all models and code, plus some test stitched pictures and pictures of the camera :

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I use a lot of vr 360 for my projects. Im venturing into a new shoot concept.