Documentation: Face analysis

The Face Analysis component allows sending out information about the face landmark data as well as the head orientation. Emotions are also handled by this component.

  • Enable button: Clicking the checkbox for this component in the page tree on the left side of the UI will enable the Face Analysis component and NI mate will start outputting the relevant OSC messages. Alternatively, clicking the “Enable face analysis” button also works.

  • IP address & port override: If enabled, the IP address and port listed here are used when outputting OSC data. If disabled of left empty, the default IP address & port on the setup page is used instead.

Face points

Each of the face points represents a landmark on the user’s face. These points can be outputted with their 3D coordinates. Sometimes the depth coordinate is ignored and sent as 0, depending on the current sensor.

Available OSC parameter tags: {X} {Y} {Z}

Face features

Face features refer to the various detected emotions or other interesting on/off values. These are sent out as a single OSC message with only an address.

Face orientation

Sends out the current face orientation as a quaternion to the specified OSC address.