Documentation: Kinect for Windows 1 / Kinect for Xbox 360 (models 1414 & 1473)

Hardware requirements

Supported OS: Windows 7+, OS X (only model 1414)
Sensors on one computer: Multiple possible, but each sensor requires a separate USB controller due to bandwidth restrictions.
USB port: USB 2 (also requires power from wall socket)
Available from: Can be found on Amazon and other online shops.


Depth & color resolution: 640 x 480 @ 30 FPS
Depth & color field of view: 43° x 57°
Depth range: 0.7 - 6 m
Tilt: ±27° available for model 1414

NI mate features


Hi there. I’m a new user, just got myself a Kinect 360 model 1414, and have been trying to connect to my win10 64bit desktop. Initially tried the Kinect SDK, and using the set-up browser to check the setup, got “USB3 uncertain bandwidth may not be supported”. Did some digging and bought a USB3 card suitable for running at the required bandwidth (Startech 2 Port USB 3.0 PCI Express SuperSpeed Card Adapter with UASP) as I assumed it was a bandwidth problem. No positive result. Continually finding in Device manager that the Xbox nui motor has an exclamation mark.
I have given up on the Microsoft, and moved on to Ni mate, but find I am still getting no further. I get “no sensor detected” in Ni mate.
Any suggestions as to what I can try? Or am I using kit that will not work to start with…

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