Dual Blender Output


Hi Devs,

I’ve been doing some experimenting in Blender and have come across the issue of needing both the Blender Game Engine running alongside Blender’s new EEVEE in-camera renderer to show animation node data in Blender while having interactive elements in the BGE for a live performance.

However, simply opening two instances of Blender doesn’t allow for them both to read the output from NI Mate at the same time, I have to stop one to start the other. I’m wondering if it’s possible for the two instances of Blender to both display the skeleton output so that I can achieve the necessary effect I’m after?


Unfortunately NI mate doesn’t currently support transmission to multiple ports at the same time. This could be done with some middleware that simply reads all the arriving OSC traffic and sends it to two separate ports. I don’t recall reading about an existing software for doing this, but writing one should be reasonably simple if that’s an option for you. Python has a pretty easy OSC library, and we’ve been using a C++ library called oscpack.


Thanks Jesse, I’ll give the python a look when I have the time :slight_smile: