Dual Kinect & libfreenect2 Issues on Win10

I bought a second Kinect in hopes of capturing more motions from different angles, but I can’t get Nimate to use both Kinects at the same time. It shows both Kinects “running” in the Setup tab, but only RGB Depth picture is displayed from one Kinect. I tried turning on libfreenect2 option in the preferences, but that just made it worse, because Nimate wouldn’t recognize either sensors and refused to start them. It just says “pending” forever.

Please advise.

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This could be a USB bandwidth issue. We’ve used more than one Kinect on a single Windows NI mate earlier by using PCIE USB3 expansion cards.

However, if you get both Kinects working, you won’t be able to improve your tracking results this way: the Kinect is a structured light sensor and operates by projecting an IR dot pattern on the target. If two Kinects point at the same object, these patterns will interfere and the tracking quality will decrease.

There is a way around this: If you attach a vibrating motor on one Kinect, strong enough to make the Kinect shake at a reasonably high frequency, this can be enough to alleviate the problem by quite a large degree.

I think the libfree crashing nimate was a driver issue. I downloaded a driver called UsbDk and nimate stopped crashing upon launch. So that fixed one issue.

As for the accuracy, the vibrating motor sounds a little sketchy, because what if it falls or damages the Kinect. Why not sychronize the Kinects so you turn one on and the other one turns off and repeat this very fast or have the data streams flash on and off for the device. If this can be done very quickly, I think it may generate the same results as the vibrating motor idea.

you can’t run two kinects 2 at the same time on the same PC,because SDK limitations. Anyway,I’ve been able to do that,creating two qemu-kvm virtual machines where in each vm I have used a different usb controller and it worked.

libfreenect2 can do two Kinects at a time, but the Microsoft SDK can’t.