Dusts of Jupiter

“Dusts of Jupiter” is an interactive art installation as a reproduction of visual, spatial and interactive elements of a nightly dream experience.
The aim of the installation is to share a dream experience based on the following dream report:
“On 16th february 2015 I dreamt that I was near the planet Jupiter. I put my hand into its clouds and play with gaseous particles. I observe that it is a gas giant and it is consisted only from gas particles in different colors, which I remember from pictures. Some particles fly into outer space and disappear, some of them fall back to the planet. I question, whether these particles are gas or dust. I woke up with this question in my mind.”
In the reproduction of this dream as an installation, the user sees a 3D model of the planet Jupiter rotating. He/she can interact with its gas and dust clouds on the display. From technical setup the installation consists of a display showing a particle simulator in a 3D environment and a Kinect sensor, which enables the user to interact with the particles in real time.


This is a lovely piece Mert!

The 0:25-0:37 part looks visually outstanding - the pass-through effect on the hands is very nice. Did you make this in Blender?

Thank you very much Julius. Actually 0:25-:037 part is rendered in cycles and not real time. This part is to make better presentation of the idea. As you know Blender does not support dynamic generation of particles in game engine. So I wrote my own particle generator python code which creates hundreds of small objects in real time.

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Moved into showcases!