Exporting to Blender 2.8?

Hi, I have just installed NI MATE and have been very impressed with the results. However, I do not know how to bring the motion capture footage into blender 2.8. I have installed the addon and imported it in, but I was unable to work out how to bring the footage into blender.

You must enable OSC output for the Skeleton Tracker to output the data. This documentation page is a good reference: Documentation: Skeleton tracking

You’ll want to verify that the OSC data is outputted by checking the “Log” page. You’ll have to check the “OSC” checkbox to see outgoing messages.

Make sure Blender and NI mate use same ports for the data.

Great! Thanks so much for your help

You can look at this tutorial https://youtu.be/pgMBz-IXWkw

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