Help Bake retargeted animation for export as bvh/fbx


I’ve been testing out different MOCAP solutions, Brekel,Ipisoft and now NI-Mate. I must say the Ni-Mate skeleton accuracy with a Kinect v2 is pretty accurate. it doesn’t freak out as much. I love it.
Im new to the Ni-Mate and Kinect to Blender workflow and I like it already. I followed this tutorial (old) here Delicode NI mate Tutorials: Blender Motion Capture Basics
I’m using Blender 2.79 and all works well until when it gets to baking down the animation. I select my retargeted armatur and select the Bake action operator as he says…btw there are more options but I guess the main one is Clear constraints. I set start and end frames set it to pose and hit BAKE. 20sec its done. there are animation channels but no animation data/keyframes I can manipulate or export as fbx/bvh.
I’d want to clean up the mocap in MOTIONBUILDER 2017 Then apply to a rigged character (rigify)

Can someone please help me iron this out. I’d much appreciate it.


I just did a minimal test in Blender 2.79:

  • I set up an armature of 3 bones
  • I recorded some 100 frames of skeleton data from NI mate 2.14 with Kinect 2
  • After recording, I added a constraint to 3 of the bones to follow the left hand bones
  • I duplicated the armature, selected the duplicated armature
  • Bake Action -> frame range -> remove constraints
  • The duplicate armature still has constraints

It either seems like the way animation baking works has changed, or there’s a bug in Blender with this feature.

You can still export the rig as BVH though, even if it has the constraints included in it.


Hey Jesse
Thanks for responding to this.
In my case, the duplicated armature doesn’t retain the constraints(bake action clear constraints works, and there are keyframes on the timeline where I set start and end frame range) but gets reset to Initial pose.
You mentioned that it’s possible to export the amature out as a bvh even with constraints on. I tried it and imported it in another blend file with copied armature…so similar bone names…blender mocap tools was happy, retargeting was a breeze and it worked. I’m happy too. So now I want to try out using the metarig…but it seems the best way is to create a custom rig.
Thanks so much for pointing this out!! woohooo


now is there a way to assign IDs to the rigs. I’D want to have say two metarigs to interact. i know the software can pickup upto 6 people but how do I separate that data to blender?


Select the multiple user detection from the “User detection” page by clicking “track single user” to toggle it:

Then every OSC message will include a user ID at the end: /Left_Hand_1, /Left_Hand_2, etc