Holiday sales: Get Z Vector at -40%!


Z Vector started off as a one-off music video project some five years ago, grew into a full software release two years later and got a major facelift just three months ago with the V1.1 release. For the first time in the software’s history we’re now offering it with a discount. The holiday sales put the price down -40%, meaning you can grab the software at just 150€ (+tax where applicable).

This is a unique chance to grab a license to a unique visual software. Here’s a recap to what the V1.1 update offered in relation to the original release:

  • Kinect for XBox One (Kinect for Windows v2) and Intel RealSense R200/F200/SR300 support (capability to run two simultaneous sensor feeds on both Windows and MacOS)
  • An updated rendering pipeline (geometry shaders for higher FPS)
  • Fully scalable output resolution (8K+ output now possible!) with an FPS limiter
  • Delicode NI mate interoperability mode for gesture and motion control
  • Sensor recording and playback is back using our own RGBD format (.RGBD will replace the .ONI based recording and playback that was only available on some sensors)
  • Background video playback is now implemented on our FFmpeg/QtAV based open source video player Vidiöt (background video now requires Spout/Syphon support from your GPU)
  • Native support for audio interfaces: DirectSound/ASIO/WASAPI (Windows), and Core Audio/Jack (MacOS)
  • Rewritten MIDI device handling
  • Spout support (on Windows)

Visit the website to learn more and purchase Z Vector!