How can I translate NI mate to my own language?


NI mate supports full internationalization through translation files. You can help us by translating NI mate to your own language or by improving the existing translations.

Completed translations:


Work in progress:

  • None currently

##Translating NI mate
Before you begin translating make sure you search for “Translation” on this forum to see if a translation for your language is already in progress.

  1. Download and install Qt Linguist.
  2. Download the empty translation template (or a translation file to improve) from above and rename it as “ni_mate_[language_code].ts”.
  3. When you first open the file in Qt Linquist select “English” as the source language if prompted to do so and your language as the target language.
  4. Translate each string in the translation template to the target language using Qt Linguist. Please note that some of the texts to be translated contain html and other tags and these should be conserved.
  5. Post a new message on the the NI mate category of this forum with “Translation: [language name]” as the title and the .ts file as an attachment.
  6. Your translation will be included into the list of NI mate translations after a short review process.

Qt Linguist is very easy to use, but we suggest your read this tutorial before you begin to learn the basics.

The language_code is a lowercase two letter ISO 639 language code possibly followed by a dash “-” and an uppercase two/three letter ISO 3166 country code if the translation is a local variant of the language. For example “it” for Italian, “en-CA” for Canadian-English.

Testing the translation

You can test the translation before you publish it.

  1. Create a translation release with Qt Linguist.
  2. Place the requlting “.qm” file to the “lang” folder under the NI mate install folder. (On OS X the “lang” folder can be found by right-clicking the NI mate application bundle and selecting “View contents…” > “Contents/Resources/lang”).
  3. Start NI mate and select the language in the NI mate preferences.
  4. Restart NI mate.