How can I use my dedicated Nvidia graphics card?


If you have a dedicated Nvidia GPU in addition to an integrated GPU it could very well be that the lower performance integrated graphics card is used with NI mate by default.

You can verify the used graphics card from the NI mate preferences:

Once the dedicated GPU is being used you should enable the GPU transfer in the General page of NI mate preferences.

On Windows

To use the dedicated GPU instead of the integrated GPU open up the Nvidia control panel and do one of the following:

Nvidia control panel > 3D settings > Manage 3D settings > Global settings > Preferred graphics processor:

Select High-performance NVIDIA processor (this sets the dedicated graphics card to be used globally for all applications).


Nvidia control panel > 3D settings > Manage 3D settings > Program settings > add:

Add the NI mate executable, as well as all the Delicode Sensor programs which are stored in their own subfolders under the NI mate folder. You may also see these in the recent programs list on the same page.


You can use the menu bar app gfxCardStatus to select the gpu that’s being used globally.