How do I deactivate/activate my license?


How do i deactivate my license???


You can deactivate your license (for example in order to move it to an another computer) from NI mate under Help -> Manage license

Please note that in order to activate AND deactivate you absolutely need to have the computer connected to the Internet and be able to connect to our licensing server uninterrupted.


Moved to FAQ and changed the topic slightly.


Thank you so much. it works


Hi. I am asking this question on behalf of my boss. He said in the v2 Ni Mate, he could not find any where said “Help” or “manage license”. Can anybody help please? Thanks.



On OS X the help menu is at the OS X top bar and should appear when NI mate is currently the active program, as the top-most window on the desktop. On Windows, the help menu appears at the top of the NI mate window.


I’m on OS X and I do NOT see an “activate license” under the help menu. Only a “purchase license” - which I have just done???

EDIT: ah ok - I can do it on program launch… my bad


Hi, I can’t see the help section to deactivate my license. I want to move it from my Macbook and onto a Mac, however I am unable to as I can’t see this when it’s running and I’m slightly confused of how to do this?


I’m wondering if this is a problem with the macOS taskbar at the top not updating. If you have NI mate selected, does the task bar say “Delicode NI mate” at the top left corner? We saw this at some point on some macs, but it shouldn’t be happening anymore.

The help menu should be there, if the taskbar properly updates.