How to mocap person holding staff?

I’m doing mocap for a character who’s supposed to hold a staff and they occasionally use it to fight and hold it with two hands. How would I do this without my Kinect and NI-Mate thinking it was a limb?

Maybe you could mask the staff with a material that’s invisible to the Kinect? Since the Kinect uses structured light as opposed to time of flight this will be a bit hard to do, but you could try materials that reflect IR light poorly.

What sort of material might work do you think? I’ll do more research on it tomorrow!

You can get a pretty good idea on what type of material works by looking at the depth feed in NI mate and putting random objects in front of the sensor at, say, 2 meters, and then looking if the object looks to be too far or too close. Now that I think about it, I think materials that reflect too well might work as well. Maybe using glass would work? Or taping the staff with aluminum foil or something reflective? Again, since this is structured light, I’m not sure if more reflective makes the tracking better or worse.