I have a problem downloading Vidiot from within Z Vector 1.13 Mac edition


I have been unable to import textures to Z Vector 1.13. The automatic download returns ‘HostNotFoundError’.
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The Vidiot server is currently having some problems and we are working on getting it up again. Until that is fixed, you can manually download Vidiot from here

Windows: https://z-vector.com/zrelease/vidiot/Vidiot_v1.01_Win_x64.zip
Mac: https://z-vector.com/zrelease/vidiot/Vidiot_v1.01_OSX.dmg

  • On Windows, unzip the package under the application directory (normally C:/Program Files/Delicode/Delicode Z Vector 1.1x) or in C:/Users/youruser/AppData/Roaming/Delicode/Vidiot
  • On Mac, install Vidiot normally under “Applications”.

Apologies about the hassle!


Thank you for the quick response (as usual)! :grinning:


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