Input OSC to Ni Mate - how to



For a live performance it would be very practical to change the Smoothing (Ghost Rendering) with OSC from my controller.

is it possible and can i find a list with the different options?

Now it tried to send OSC to Nimate on port 6999 wth the path NImate/Smoothing(float) , but nothing happens…



Yes, this is possible:

Enable OSC input in NI mate’s preferences and set the port to what your OSC controller is transmitting to. Enable OSC logging on the log page to see the arriving messages. You must also see a message saying NI mate is now listening to incoming OSC messages.

The OSC messages the controller sends need to be formatted like so:

address: /NImate/0/ghost_smoothing (0 may change if you have more than one sensor)
value: 2 (any integer between 0 and 10)

Here’s a minimal python script to set the ghost smoothing value:

import OSC
c = OSC.OSCClient()
c.connect(('', 6999))
oscmsg = OSC.OSCMessage()


tnx ! is working smoothly :wink: