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This topic offers everyone a place to introduce themselves. Are you an animator working for a studio? A programmer about to release a new bit of depth sensor technology? A motion capture enthusiast? Artist working on a new interactive installation? Let us know!

My name is Jesse Kaukonen, a software developer at Delicode Ltd. I joined the company in 2014 and work at our offices in Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been interested in 3D graphics, video editing and graphics programming since my teenage years after I worked on some game modding projects. Occasionally I visit assorted demoscene events and work on whatever game projects I have lying around. I’ve been involved with Blender for quite a few years.

My Github:
My website:


My name is Julius Tuomisto. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Delicode Ltd, the company behind NI mate and Z Vector. I handle most of the boring stuff at the company, although I occasionally get to plan and execute fun projects related to music and visuals. I’m a Blenderhead (that is a Blender fanboy), occasionally dabble with musical instruments and tabletop games. I really enjoy reading about science and technology and spending time with my son.

The website for My VJ alter ego:


My name is Janne Karhu. I’m the lead developer of Delicode Ltd. I have an M.Sc. as a physics/math teacher, but coding and algorithm development has always been my passion. I was one of the core developers of Blender during 2007-2012 (known to many as jahka in those circles) and I’m mostly responsible for Blender’s old particle/hair system.



Long time user here. Beta tester and helped moderator the forums.

I tend to use Ni-mate for its skeleton tracking, syphon, MIDI and OSC triggers. Have never used it for mo-cap, etc into C4D or blender.

More into dance/theatre and VJ ideas. Also interested in commercial instillations for museums, art galleries and similar. You can read about me on my website/blog:

I use Ni-mate (and Z-Vector!) along side isadora most of the time.



Good day to everyone.

I am mainly a Video engineer and A/V tech. I am based in Utah, USA. I have been using Ni-Mate for about a year as a OSC input device for interactive presentations. Mostly using Ventuz or TouchDesigner for the rendering engine.

Looking forward to using all the new features of V2!


Hi, I’m a new user though I have some friends who have used Version 1 in the past. I’m hoping to use NIMate in a current project with Cinema4d. Unfortunately, I’m currently unable to get the software to recognize that I have a Kinect connected. I would like to post more specifically about the issue on this forum, but also can’t seem to figure out how to start a new post. Maybe just user error… :smile: Anyway, if someone can tell me where the appropriate place to go to for help is, I’d be most appreciative. Thanks!

Problems with getting Kinect to work with NI mate V2

Exacly the same here. Cinema 4D, not working kinect 360, don’t know hot to post a new threat :smiley:
NI Mate says: “Input1: CreateInterop error 3” (Kinect is working fine with Faceshift and current drivers)


Welcome to the forum Cory & Jan. I’ve initiated a new topic on the subject where we can continue the exchange. :slight_smile:


I am an artist and academic working on the reproduction of nightly dreams in virtual reality. nimate was a great help for me in these 3 years. I use nimate since 2012 with Blender Game engine for my art installations. You can find here two works which are made only using blender game engine and nimate. both works are reproductions of dreams.
Flight Simulator

Dusts of Jupiter


Hi there!
My name is Jose Rozúa. I am colaborating on a project for the Univerisity of Granada, in Andalucía, Spain. We are going to use NI MATE for several things like capture poses, interact with Blender in real time, maybe some animation series, etc. I am very excited to have this new version. Thanks given to all the guys here in Delicode.

My “main” work is to teach drawing (visual arts) in secondary schools. But I love making 3D with Blender. I won last year hyper realism challenge from Blender Guru with a composition called “Break-fast”.

Besides all this (hehe) I am driving a digital comic publishing (very small) enterprise: There you can find comics in different tastes.

Thanks a lot!



My name is Per and i am working with interactive experiences for stage, concert, art and museums. My main tools for interactive graphic stuff are Isadora and Max/msp/jitter and Arkaos GrandVJ.

I am working as a freelancer and my company name are FANKY art Lab, a mix of arty as well as commercial projects. We have pur base in Sweden but operate world wide.

I have just finished my first real project with NI-Mate, an art installation at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm. We are now working on two new installations with NI-Mate for an exhibition, and i see a lot of future potential use of NI-Mate in our art lab.


Hello, I plan to use NIMATE for motion capture and Cinema 4d - I would consider for sure paying for the Pro version if I could find some info on what using multiple 360 kinects would do for me vs just the 1. How clean are the tracks etc. 360 kinects are so cheap would it really be advantageous to buy like 4 of them and run it through NIMATE? Are there any examples anywhere of what kind of results I could expect? Also I would love to know if NIMATE takes advantage of multi threading. I’ve got dual 14 core xeons so I figure I could do multiple kinects no problem. I couldnt see how to post a new thread in the main forum so I’m asking here - thanks!


I’ve added a new forum thread here about this here: Can I use multiple sensors of the same type concurrently?

Note that the Kinect for XBox 360 model 1473 has issues on OS X, so you should get the older 1414 model if possible and on OS X.

NI mate 2 was largely rewritten to add extensive multithreading support. Right now every sensor is processed in its own thread in NI mate, and all sensors also run in their separate processes. In addition, if you have a graphics card with the required extensions it’s possible to use GPU to speed the live feeds. The limit in your case is probably going to be USB bandwidth.


Hey All,

I am an artist practicing in generative art, interactive media, public art, sound design, music production, dance and theater production. I work in Ableton Live, Isadora, Processing , Z Vector, Max For Live, and Cinema 4D.

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I’m Savita Hans,im working on my final year engineering project.Currently I’m working with Delicode NI-MATE V2.0. and the software gets installed properly but wen i run it with KINECT XBOX 360,the NI-MATE gets crashed!.I’m using WINDOWS 7.32-BIT and Blender for REAL TIME CLOTH SIMULATION. Please help me at the earliest.I would be glad if u could suggest any other software for real time cloth simulation.


For crashes, please send a crash report which will then go to our support system.


I have reported the crash problem.For correction im using NI-MATE V2.10.please tell me the solution.


hey even after disabling the GPU texture transfer mode,NI-MATE is still getting crashed!!!, Please help me at the earliest.