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My Name is Gustavo Uliarte from Buenos Aires Argentina. I am walking my first steps in Blender . I have a Kinect v1 and Microsoft Kinect driver running on Windows 10. I could not make kinect v1 to work with Ni Mate yet , but I will going on trying.

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My name is Hilmar Thordarson and I am a composer and a research fellow at Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU). I am currently working on a research project, Conducting Digital System - ConDiS a conducting glove, designed to enable a conductor not only to control the overall sound of the performing musicians but also to control a digitally processed version of the performer´s sound in real time. I am looking at Kinect2 as a promising motion sensor for my project using Mac OS platform. ConDiS is directed toward new possibilities in musical composition and the interaction, the expressions, the musical gestures and movements of the classical conductor.

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Dear All,
My name is Kai from Phuket Thailand, I’m work on Audio Visual and I will start to learning interactive system.



Hi, Jaymi here (aka Mi5chiefMaker), I am the founder and director of Mi5chief Makers Pte Ltd, a creative production collective based in Singapore, focussed at creating immersive event and installation experiences for people to have fun and learn in.

Orginally from the UK and now a 13yr resident in Singapore, jumped from a 20yr+ corporate gig to follow my true passions in visual arts and entertainment and now feeling the “burn” of essentially starting again when I’ve already got a grey beard!

Seeking to utilise Z Vector in various developmental ideas, running Kinnect for Windows (00145564947), NI 2.14 and Z Vector 1.13 and intend to use in conjunction with TouchDesigner and likley C4D. Still need to break my Z Vector virginity, so in the meantime see the kind of Mi5chief we get up to at

Peace and love peeps!


Hey people, i am new here, have pleasure to be a memeber here! going to come back later as now i’ve taken a Mintox and i don’t feel quite well. Grettings everyone and hopefully later we’re going to have a good talk :slight_smile:


Hi Folks,

I’m Ewoud an artist from the Netherlands. been working on media installations and light art. Now its time to fiddle in interactivity and your nimate program seems to be the easiest way in to that kinda thing.

Just started under the name with a fellow artist.



I’m new to ni mate but a long time blender user and would like to use it for a character rig, Are there any good tutorials out there for Ni Mate 2.14 and blender 2.79, or does anyone know of a good place to download a pre made rig I can build from?


Hello and welcome!

We don’t yet have tutorials for NI mate 2, but the older NI mate 1 tutorial has pretty much identical workflow. The only difference is that the skeleton tracking window in NI mate 2 looks different, but performs the same functions. You can read one thread here.


Thank you, I think I got it figured out. It’s a really cool program, what’s the benefit of getting the full version ?


The differences between Free, Basic and Pro versions are listed on this page:

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Hi folks. I’m a technical artist working at Amazon Game Studios in Orange County, CA. I saw that this software has added support for a realsense camera I happen to have, and thought I’d check it out.

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