Introduce yourself!


Hi all,
I’m Joel from Geneva in Switzerland.
Video-jockey since 2004 for every kind of events.
I’ve bought Z-vector for creating more interactive stuff :slight_smile:
You can read more on my and my team here : my website (french language)

cheers :wink:


I’m working with a senior level project design team. We are trying to utilize your code and the Xbox 360 sensor to calculate percentages of a user’s surface area at different times. WHo can I talk to about better understanding the code?



You can either post here on the forums (or send me a PM) or send us a support ticket at



My name is James Anthony Wright. I own a startup called Wright Edutainment. I make “Art to Grow Smart By.” [ company tag line tm ]

My studio integrates video and animation produced within Blender, Inkscape, GIMP and other software to produce materials for the home school market. To that end, I would like to expand out and do at least a little MOCAP to augment my product line.

Thanks for your time, and it has been a pleasure to read some of your posts and start to get acquainted with your community.


Hello, I’m a Plebeian who would like to use NI Mate for a project. I’m experiencing some difficulties and would like to get some help. There is only one problem, I can’t post a topic. Please send help.


Thank the gods. I was helped. By one known as Basic.


Hi. My name is Ken, and I’m a student hoping to use Ni’Mate to create some things for a school project, such as animations and other projects.


Hi, I’m Scott Whitney. I’m a professor in Deaf Education with an interest in creating animations of American Sign Language. Motion capture has always interested me, but I’m still looking for an easy solution to capturing face, body, and finger data all in one go.


Hello. I am an inventor/engineer/hobbyist artist. I’m interested in using simple mocap solutions to increase productivity in various fields. But right now I have a problem, Ni-Mate is stuck trying to install. I don’t know how but during the install process my keyboard and mouse have been disabled. My computer hasn’t actually frozen though, I left it on overnight and the clock is still right. The Delicode Ni mate 2 v2.14 Setup says it’s Executing dpinst-amd64.exe. Another window for PrimeSense Sensor Device Driver Installer is open, and I would assume I should be going through the steps that provides except that I can’t get my computer to recognize my mouse. My computer was working completely fine before trying to install Ni-Mate. Help please?

Edit: Problem solved. Managed to somehow get the keyboard working again and fixed the rest with keyboard input. I have no idea how I got the keyboard working again, but I’m not complaining. Looking forward to using Ni-Mate.


Hi. My name is Jesús Odremán. Greetings from Venezuela!
I am a film editor, and a Postproducer for Digital Film and Video, I am currently starting to work with Free Software tools, among them Blender, NATRON, DCPoMatic. I am starting to use Ni Mate in combination with a Kinect XBOX 360 sensor. I have some problems since OSX Yosemite. But I am working to solve them … I appreciate all the help you can offer me, and I am ready for anything that can help in Editing and Postproduction.

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I am Alex Oliszewski of The Ohio State Univesrity and The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design.

I am struggling to find a way to create a new topic in the forum to receive some help on a current issue.

May someone please point me to the “create a new topic/forum post” button?



New users on these forums don’t instantly have the permission to create a new topic. The forum software works by granting these permissions as people browse and read the forums, or post a few comments - for example right here. After a moment of browsing you’ll be given the topic creation permission.


I am a FilmMaker from Canada. I am currently working on an educational web series the will feature animated 3D portions. Ni Looks like a great option for the type animation I will be doing at a decent price, and speed up my workflow which is wonderful news for production times!

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