Is it possible to combine Kinect 360 with Kinect2 One?

I’m rather not very rich, I had a kinect for a fair enough price a while ago, but right now they’re rather uncommon at a price I could name. On the other hand, 360 sensors are kind of cheaper at the current moment.
I don’t own an NI Mate pro licence yet, It, too, is rather expensive, but I thought that obtaining a second kinect would build my will to eventually plug the darned thing and use it. Thought, with kinect SDK I believe it’s possible to combine two FXB’s but I’m looking for a realtime solution.
Wanted to use K4U, kinect for unreal, but Unreal version 4.2.0 isn’T available anymore and the plugin is only available for that version… Kind of ironic. The new kinect plugin on Unreal market is half a hundred which is barely affordable… But I’m inexperienced so it might be a challenge only to extract data from that in the first place or to attach it to a rig.

It’d be rather useful to know if two different models of kinect can be combined, so I stack my coins, and strategically obtain what I need when the time feels fit.

We haven’t tested combining a Xbox 360 Kinect and Kinect for Xbox One, but on a gut feeling I suspect you will still get destructive interference if you point them in the same direction. This is due to the IR projection patterns in structured light sensors, which, if they overlap, cause both sensors to lose tracking accuracy.

Another concern is the USB bandwidth which, depending on your hardware, could be running low with 2 sensors.

The free version of NI mate allows you to use multiple sensors at the same time, but you cannot output data to external software for more than one device at a time.