Is OSX Mojave supported?



I have a Mac that is running OSX Mojave but It is not recognising the Kinect 360.

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Could you verify if the Kinect worked on this Mac before Mojave? We haven’t yet tested NI mate on Mojave.


Hi Jesse,

Yes the sensors did work on previous OSX High Sierra. But I have another couple more Kinect let me try those too before we go any further.

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Hi Jesse,

I have had a chance to check 3 sensors on OSX Mojave with Ni mate 2.14.
The two Kinect Xbox 360 would not connect, both have been used previously with Ni mate on OSX.

However a Kinect for Windows 2 did connect and appeared to function as expected.

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Any updates on this? I am having the same problem: I can’t see a Kinect Xbox 360 on my Mojave Mac


+1 for updates. I also have a Kinect v1 (Xbox 360), had it working with High Sierra, and would like to get it up w/Mojave.


Hi, I am having the same issue for a current project and am keen for a solution. My two Kinect 360’s worked on High Sierra but since updating to Mojave, neither work.

When i connect the sensor, the status reports as “Error: Process Operation timed out”.




I’m having the exact same problem
Kinect 360 showing Error : process operation timed out.

the same sensor works with the same os : 10.14.1 with other apps such as Scanekt


It would be good to get an update of Nimate for Kinect xbox 360 model to function with the software on OSX Mojave.


I wonder if this forum is no longer supported on Mojave… :crazy_face:


I do wish they updated soon. I just found out this software and I really want to try it out.


Same problem. NI Mate is not connecting in Mojave to my Kinect1414.

In my System Information tool under USB Xbox Camera is listed…and I can get an image in Skanect.