Is OSX Mojave supported?

Hi - I’d like to try installing v2.13 on my Mac to get the Kinect to work but I can only find the link to download the latest version - can anyone post the lionk to download v2.13?


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Here you go: What happened to V1.XX? I use that software!

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Dear @Jesse,
can you tell us if you plan to update nimate to make it work with mojave?
cos you’re download page mentions mac os 10.9 +
and it means a lot for us.
Thanks for your reply

Unfortunately we don’t have any plans for a new update, and while we know Mojave users experience problems getting NI mate running, currently NI mate is sold as it is.

I have 2 OSX on the same macbook, and while NI and Kinnect works very fine and as expected on High Sierra, it doesn’t work on Mojave, the workaround is to downgrade your mac or install a High Sierra on a different Partion