Issues installing Kinect driver

I am new here and i didn’t realize how to make posts, so i am gonna share with my problem here.

I wanted to use the Kinect 360 to blender. However, when i tried to apply the driver, computer says me, that this driver is not for computer with procesor 64. Can you help me please?

I moved this in a new topic.

Could you show a screenshot about the error message?

Yes, of course. But it is in Polish, so i will translate it.
image The Current folder do not contain compatible driver for device. If folder has a driver, be sure that it is for Windows x64

  • Is this on Windows 10?
  • Does this error appear when you are running the NI mate installer or at some other time?
  • If it appears while installing NI mate, which sensor drivers did you select to be installed?

Thanks for everything! For an accident with an language i bad know the Devices maneger as devices and priners. I have change the xbox microphone driver. To get acces to the devices manager you have to select the lower settings

thanks, i am having a similar issue, although i doubt its because of the language.
will check it later. thanks again