Issues launching NI mate on Mac


Hi, I am new to this forum, but I have joined to trouble shoot an issue I’m having with Ni Mate launching on my Mac. I’m using el Capitan and I understand there may be issues between Ni Mate and that Mac OS. Has anyone found a way around this? Is there a patch available to fix this? Help!

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What kind of error are you getting launching NI mate? Does the window not appear at all, or does the crash reporter pop up? What happens if you open the terminal window and launch NI mate with the command: /Applications/Delicode NI


I get the opening window (I am just trying out the free version at present, so I check that box). Then nothing happens. There is no crash report. I’m not sure what you mean by the terminal window. Do you mean in the Systems palette? Thanks.


By default NI mate opens minimized to the taskbar (at the top). You should the NI mate icon there where you can choose “Control Interface”.