Kinect and NI Mate not working


Hi, I’ve been trying various ways to get kinect 414 to work with my macbook pro. NI Mate V2.14 doesn’t open with my mac (suspect it’s an El Capitan issue). I then tried to install various other versions of NI Mate which were crashing on opening, or not opening. The only version I got running was NI Mate 2.1- however my Kinect isn’t appearing in the setup. I really need to get this working. Can I please have some help. Thanks




Is the Kinect the model 1414 or 1473? Currently it’s unlikely you’ll get the model 1473 working due to a firmware issue that happens which the driver NI mate utilizes.

Does NI mate 2.14 give you any errors or crash reports?



It’s kinect 4141…with the latest version of NI Mate it doesn’t even open. So I tried lots of older versions…they were all crashing on opening. The only version I managed to open was NI Mate 2.10 but that version isn’t recognising my kinect. Please help me a solution I need it for a performance soon. Thanks



Error from before- i meant kinect 1414



Could you open NI mate through the terminal and copy the terminal output here? You can do this by executing: /Applications/



Hi Jesse, I got the Kinect working with NI Mate version 2.1…it keeps freezing every so often though which isn’t ideal for live. Any tips? Also, I want to use the kinect to motion control an instrument. I found Kinectar which needs OSCeleton to run. Do you know of any sound systems/synths that will run with NI Mate



The freezing could be due to a lot of reasons. NI mate 2.10 is quite old and likely has a lot of bugs that were lated fixed. I would guess the problem is in utilizing the sensor itself as the Kinect for XBox 360 sensors on Mac have often been somewhat problematic with the driver NI mate uses.

What error does the log window give to you?

OSCkeleton seems to simply output joint data in particularly formatted OSC messages. You can do this directly in NI mate by either customizing the OSC address fields yourself to match what OSCeleton does, or choose the OSCeleton preset from the dropdown menu on the Skeleton Tracker page.