Kinect for xbox one issues on windows 10

Hi all!

I just recently installed Z vector to test with my kinect sensor for xbox one and well… I installed the SDK v2.0 and launched kinect studio to verify the sensor is working and it is!. Then, I installed Z vector and all its included drivers. However when I launch the software the following error comes:

What happens after this error is that my sensor is detected again (as if had disconnected and reconnected the device), I was looking for other threads on the forum, like the one solving issues by installing the UsbDk runtime library but in my case, it didn’t help :frowning:

What could I do to solve this?,

Did you try the very latest version of UsbDk? It’s here:

Z Vector does not utilize the Microsoft SDK but libfreenect2, although the two are probably fine to be installed side-by-side.

Does the log window have any other errors before libusb one?

Hi Jesse, thanks for replying, it efectively was the issue. It turns out that I had a problem with UsbDk, so I re-installed everything and now it works fine!

Thank you so much!!