Kinect2 can't get it to pick up images

Drivers are in, Mate is latest, when i plug my kinect with the connection kit, everything is all right, usb3 is fully powered, ni-mate sees the device, it can turn it on, i hear the fan inside the kinect rolling, but i don’t get any data and i don’T see the 3 red dashes in front of the device. The xbox logo stays dark… What am i doing wrong? And same goes with NI-Mate than with the Kinect-SDK. also, i fear updating drivers because last time i used microsoft’s driver version instead of NI Mate’S version, it made all my USB drivers go nuts(only while booted) and i had to reinstall windows.

Does the log window print any error messages?

It doesn’t seem to, but today the windows service for kinect crashed on it’s own for the first time while i either use ni, either the sdk.

Could you verify that the Kinect works on a different computer, to eliminate the hardware itself being a problem? Most likely this is some driver issue that doesn’t happen on a different computer, though.