Leap Motion 3.2.1 Issues w/ NI Mate 2.14

Hello all!

I am attempting to use my Leap Motion controller for fingertip tracking using the OSC out. I was using other apps like Geco with the latest version of Orion from Leap Motion, however I was informed on the Geco site that 3.2.1 was the latest version from LM that works. So i’ve downgraded to that and Geco worked. I needed more specific information than what that App can provide and I figured Delicode would be my go to. However, the Leap Motion sensor under Setup in Delicode NI Mate keeps telling me “Sensor Program Not Found.” I tried restarting the Service under Services.msc as another thread suggested and the error message in Delicode changed to Error, Service is stopped. I attempted to Start Service from NI Mate to no avail. Then when I rescanned sensors, the original error of Sensor Program Not Found came back. I attempted to revert forward to Orion 4.0.0 however, the Leap Motion controller fails to communicate with the Visualizer software provided by Leap Motion, so the 3.2.1 SDK is required. Any ideas on how to use a Leap Motion with this software that supposedly can use the Leap Motion?


Ni-mate 2.14 doesn’t support leap motion as they dropped.
You have to go with version 2.12 which is supported

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Ah, good looks. I found a free software on GitHub called Reach which works flawlessly with the latest Orion SDK

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