Leap motion and kinect V1


From what I understand the leap motion support was dropped in 2.1.3. With that being said my teacher had one of these lying around and lent it to me to try out. Is it possible to get version 2.1.2 and try it out also would it work with my connect for windows 1517.


We only added the Leap + Kinect combo support for the Kinect 2 sensors. However, you can use both sensors at the same time and output their data to your software of choice at the same time, then try to work with the data there.


Does it work with free version?


The free version only allows outputting one sensor’s data at a time, so no, this cannot be done with the free version.


So do I need to download an older version of NI mate to use my leap motion sensor.


Yes - you can download 2.12 from this thread.