Leap Motion Controller Mac OS El Captain sensor problem


I’m having troubles to let NI Mate recognize the Leap Motion. Well he does recognize it, but says something about the sensor off or similar.
I’m on an iMac with El Captain, with all the softares updated (the LP works perfectly) and I can’t figure out why it doesn’t work with nimate.



On which version of NI mate is this? We unfortunately had to drop the Leap support in NI mate in 2.13. Older versions of NI mate still have that, if you require it.

What does the log window say?


Log window is empty! this is the message I get:

If I downgrade to the 2.13 will my basic license still work?



The basic license will work in 2.12 (2.13 is the first version without Leap support): https://ni-mate.com/release/2.12/Delicode_NI_mate_v2.12_Installer_win64.exe


Thanks, but what about Mac OS? As I wrote I’m on El Captain!


Ah, sorry. Here’s the Mac version: https://ni-mate.com/release/2.12/Delicode_NI_mate_v2.12.dmg

The Leap works on MacOS as well.